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Spektrum and Ladybird

The Walkera Ladybird quadcopter, tested here, only works with a Walkera brand radio. But that was before. The RC711.com site has just put online a modified version of the flying creature...

The AR.Drone 2 piloted at 1 kilometer!

If you have read the review of Parrot's AR.Drone 2 (here), you know that it is a machine with astonishing functions, easy to use. But which suffers from a fault: its weakness...

Hubsan X4 H107

Every day has its own mini quadcopter… Or almost? Today, Hubsan is offering its new device. Hubsan is a Chinese company which presented two years ago (during the Toy Fair...

New Blade Nano CP X

The American manufacturer Horizon Hobby has presented a newcomer to the Blade range. Unlike the large sizes such as the 500, 400, 300 and even 130, the Nano CP

Helios 400, facing the AR.Drone 2

I was recently asked if there was a competitor to Parrot's AR.Drone, that is to say a quadcopter that is controlled with a smartphone. The answer is yes ! The device in question is called the Helios 400. You don't have one...

The Adventures of The Bee

The Ladybird quadcopter is a source of inspiration! Rather than sunbathing stupidly, German quad enthusiasts made a nice video during their vacation. The first part is a bucolic walk and...

Hoten X, first attempts

Here he is finally, this famous Hoten X from Walkera. The latest in the Chinese manufacturer's UFO range is an imposing model. The photos from the manufacturer and online stores are misleading....

New Walkera Devo 7E

Happy owners of a Walkera Ladybird quadcopter love this device, particularly because it is easy to transport, and therefore easy to use in all circumstances. We can't really say the same about the...

Newcomer Walkera Hoten X

Clearly, the manufacturer Walkera has been prolific since the release of the Ladybird mini quadcopter. No summer break, here is a newcomer that completes the Ladybird, the Spacewalker and the Scorpion: the Hoten X....

(RIP) Ernest Borgnine, Supercopter is an orphan

The American actor died on Sunday in Los Angeles at the age of 95 surrounded by his family. He had played in numerous films and was even an "Oscar winner" in 1955 (for his role in...

Quads for a Saatch & Saatchi show

On June 26, the Saatchi & Saatchi Directors' Showcase was held in Cannes. As a show, 16 quadcopters invaded the stage to produce an astonishing show. The society...

Walkera QR Scorpion, first flights

While waiting for the full test and videos, here is a first look at Walkera's QR Scorpion on short warm-up flights. First observation: it is very stable. Second observation: it is...