Drone Tweaks enables FCC mode for DJI RC, DJI RC 2 and DJI RC Pro radios (with constraints)


For the record, in Europe, the power of the radio transmission of DJI devices is automatically limited to that authorized by regulations, this is “CE mode”. In the United States, the power is much higher, it is “FCC mode”. The range and penetration in FCC mode are much greater than those seen with CE mode. Drone Tweaks is a service that allows you to boost the radio link in FCC mode even if you are in Europe. It's illegal, but it's also very practical so as not to lose the radio (and video) link stupidly. 

Jusqu'à présent…

DJI Fly modified by Drone Tweaks was only available on iOS and Android smartphones. The reason ? It is not possible to install an application on the DJI RC, DJI RC 2 and DJI RC Pro remote controls with integrated screen. So impossible to install tweaked DJI Fly there. But Drone Tweaks author Florin Andries has found a working solution – even if it's not perfect.

The principle ?

Once the drone and its radio control are turned on, with the starting point detected by the GPS (therefore ready to take off), you must launch the tweaked DJI Fly application on a smartphone, wait a few seconds for the Quicktransfer function to activate automatically to establish a link between the radio control and the smartphone, validate the connection on the smartphone and the radio control, ask to view the photo album... and that's it: FCC mode is activated, the radio power is boosted! A summary of the manipulations can be found here, on the Drone Tweaks website, in French.

And it works?

DJI RC in CE mode (original).

Yes ! I tried the procedure with a DJI RC and a Mini 3 Pro, it works perfectly with a particularly interesting result when penetrating a building (drone in the basement with several floors separating it from the radio control). The startup procedure takes approximately twenty seconds. When the radio control is tweaked to FCC, the radio transmission graph no longer displays the horizontal bars opposite the words = 1km and = 4km, but between them (see the images).

This will need to be verified, but the tweak theoretically works with all drones compatible with DJI RC, DJI RC 2 and DJI RC Pro radio controls!

Edit: the manipulation does not work with the Mini 3, because the Quicktransfer function requires pressing the drone button 3x, which cuts the radio link. No problem with the Mini 3 Pro, however.

Yes, but…

The manipulation has disadvantages:

  • you must have purchased Drone Tweaks (€26 for one year, regardless of the number of drones).
  • you need an Android or iOS smartphone (in addition to the radio control).
  • the tweak only lasts for the duration of one flight: each time it is switched on, the drone returns to CE mode.
  • you must repeat the procedure with a smartphone (20 seconds) each time you change the battery to benefit from FCC mode again.
  • DJI RC in FCC mode (hacked).
    handling is simple with an Android smartphone, but timing must be respected with those running iOS.
  • the proper functioning of the tweak is not guaranteed over the updates of DJI Fly by DJI (but it has been working for quite some time).
  • the procedure is illegal in Europe (but almost undetectable since the tweak disappears each time the drone is turned off).

Should you use this tweak?

I cannot recommend that you do this, as that would encourage you to break the regulations. It will therefore be in your soul and conscience!

Getting started videos on Android and iOS by Drone Tweaks

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  1. Not bad even if restrictive.
    Does this manipulation also break the 120m limit on the mini 4 pro?
    Thank you

  2. @patrick with the RC2? With an rcn2 I know that this is the case but with rc2 I don't think so because I communicated by email with the developer who told me that normally this option was not available on rc 2.

  3. @ Renaud: This other service is very interesting!
    Better, I don't know: it is not compatible with Mini 4 Pro or Air 3 (not DJI RC 2), it is not compatible with the firmware that I have on the Mini 3 Pro.

  4. @Renaud: I have not yet updated the firmware for my mini 3 pro so as not to have the 120m limit. Did you do the last update and does the DJIRCFCC patch break the 120m limit (in addition to the FCC)? Thanking you.


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