Drony offers training for the CATS theoretical exam to pilot in the Specific category


On January 1, 2024, the European scenarios STS-01 and STS-02 in the Specific category will be operational. They allow you to carry out missions that are not possible in the Open category. To have access to it, you must have taken and passed the exam at the center to obtain the Specific Category Theoretical Aptitude Certificate (CATS). What Drony's online training offers is to help you acquire the skills to pass this exam. 

What there is to know ? 

The exam in question will only be open from January 1, 2024, perhaps a little later until the centers can host the tests. In addition to the theoretical exam, you must complete practical training with devices that meet the requirements of the scenarios, that is to say class C5 for STS-01 and class C6 for STS-02. We will therefore have to wait for devices (apart from already existing flying wings, see here) of classes C5 and C6 are placed on the market.

So, what is this training for? 

It allows you to acquire the knowledge necessary to practice in the Specific category under European scenarios, and for missions outside scenarios subject to having carried out complete risk studies such as SORA or predetermined such as PDRA. Is it still a little early? Maybe, but January 1, 2024 is very close, and the sooner you train the better your understanding will be of what the Specific category in European scenarios allows (and does not allow), as well as the material requirements...

The Preparation for theoretical CATS + MCQ – SPECIFIC STS01 – STS02 – PDRA – SORA » is offered online by Drony, for €90. It includes the training curriculum and multiple choice questions based on 140 questions for training. 

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  1. @ didou: No conversion planned to date, the CATT is too different from the CATS with the new regulatory elements.
    Therefore to be kept until the end of 2025 for the Specific category only in French scenarios S-1 to S-3.
    Then… it will still be valid (since it has no expiry date) but without any use attached to it. Which is equivalent to: trash.
    Unless that changes between now and then, of course 🙂

  2. Thanks Fred. Furthermore, in the case where a person (my son for example) has the CATT declared operator but no professional flight in the year 2022, can you confirm to me that he does not lose his status?

  3. @pguilhem: Yes, the main thing is to be declared an operator on 31/12/2023, preferably up to date MANEX, to continue operating in French scenarios until the end of 2025.

  4. And the CATPD? is it actually CATS?

    So it will be necessary to retake the CATS to replace the CATT?


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