RunCam offers the Night Eagle HD, a night camera for DJI Digital FPV System


The Night Eagle HD camera is compatible with DJI Digital FPV System equipment. That is to say the FPV Air Unit boxes from DJI, Vista from Caddx, Link from RunCam… What is the point? It is intended for flights in very low light conditions. To fly at night (even if the possibilities are limited in the Open category in Europe), but also indoors. It is therefore a camera intended for driving, not for recording beautiful images... especially since it does not film in color!

The camera is based on a 1/1.8'' sensor which produces 2,7K / 30 fps images in very low light, with a FOV of 125°, no latency (32 milliseconds), no ghosting, but only in black and white ( including when the brightness is stronger). It is delivered alone (19 x 19 x 27 mm and 9 grams) for €69 directly on the RunCam website (excluding shipping, excluding taxes), or combined with a RunCam Link box (€152).

The Night Cam

This is another camera announced by RunCam. But this one is not intended for FPV flights, it allows you to make 720p/30 color recordings in very low light conditions, where other cameras give nothing, even when pushing the ISO to the maximum. RunCam describes this camera with a 1/1.8'' sensor as a prototype (in the Labs section of the site). 

Its fault is a fairly strong afterglow, probably due to a fairly long exposure time. It films in 2,7K at 30 fps with a FOV of 133°. It is delivered bare with a PCB (35 x 28 mm) including a USB-C connector (20 grams) or in a 3D version, mounted in a 3D printed support (38 x 31 x 34 mm and 32 grams). It expects a 5V power supply. It is offered from €76 directly on the RunCam website (excluding postage, excluding taxes).

The two cameras in flight

More photos of the Night Eagle HD

More photos from the Night Cam

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