DJI: compatibility between helmets and drones 


Goggles 2 helmet? Goggles V2? AirUnit? O3 Air Unit? The nomenclature of DJI products is a bit complex, to the point that we no longer find ourselves there when it comes to choosing an FPV headset. Rather than answers to your emails and rather than long explanations, here is a summary table of compatibilities… The table will be completed as products evolve and new compatibilities…
Updated July 25, 2023

And if it's the compatibility between radio controls and drones that interests you, That happens here !


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  1. The old original goggles, is there any interest? My 2 drones are compatible but I find it difficult to form an opinion on them

  2. @ Tim: Unless you find an opportunity at a great price, no. Afterwards, there is an HDMI input, it can be used for other uses...

  3. Table to be updated in a while I think especially concerning the goggles 2 which could be compatible with other DJI drones (M3P, M3…. that would be great and desirable😉

  4. @Greg and @Fred … and the backward compatibility of Googles 2 with AU and Caddx Vista, which DJI half-promised for in December, do we still believe it a little …?

  5. Hello,
    I own the mavic 2 pro and the RE mask, also the mini 3 pro. The RE mask is not compatible with the mini 3, is it possible that it will be there one day? As well as the motion controller. I could resell my mavic and buy the mavic3 and/or the avatar.
    Thank you for answering me

  6. @ David: There is little chance that recent products will be interfaced with older products at DJI, so I would not count on future compatibility between G.RE and Mini 3 Pro.

    For the Motion Controller, I have no information on compatibility outside of FPV devices. It's a shame, it would be perfect for anyone who wants to fly without going through the radio control learning box, or who for one reason or another can only fly with one hand.

    There remains a solution for the Mini 3 Pro and the G.RE headset, it is to acquire a DJI RC Pro compatible Mini 3 Pro radio control and output the image of the RC Pro to the HDMI input of the G.RE. But it's a 1000 € solution. It stings a little bit 😉

  7. hello I have a new Air 2S drone I would like to know if it is compatible with DJI Goggles 'white' Thank you for your reply

  8. @Fred:
    Hello, I am currently flying with the dji FPV and my V2 headset.
    I will soon buy the DJI Avata and my question is, knowing the compatibility of the helmet, do I have to change the micro SD card each time I fly with one or the other so put 1 microphone with the avatar and 1 microphone for FPV? At least I know what to do when I go to pair the avatar 😉
    And do the settings reset each time I alternate between drones, FPV and Avata?
    Many thanks for the reply...

  9. hello Fred, do you think we can connect the v2 with the integra, to mount “a 2” on the DJI FPV?

  10. Hello Fred,
    Thank you for your taf, a real mine your site! ^^
    Do you know if it is possible to connect several helmets to the same DJI drone? So that different people can follow the flight at the same time.
    By the way, not necessarily on an FPV drone. (FYI, I have a Mavic 1er of the name, a Mavic 3 and an Avata) I've searched, but I can't find any info on it?
    Thank you!

  11. @ Benoit: For the Avata, you can wirelessly connect a 2nd helmet (V2 or 2 or Integra) with Audience mode, with a duplication of the pilot's view, but a fairly degraded reception.
    For the Mavic1, no compatibility with V2/2/Integra helmets.
    For the Mavic 3, no compatibility… for the moment.

  12. Is it possible to connect two Googles V2 headsets to the DJI FPV Combo drone because it already comes with a headset…
    And on which other DJI model would it be possible to connect two VR headsets at the same time?
    Thank you in advance for your answer

    Jean-Marc Berset

  13. @Berset: Yes, you can connect a second headset in spectator mode. But the images received on the second headset are of poorer quality and are degraded more quickly when the connection weakens.

  14. Hello
    What range do you have between the Googles 2 and the Mavic 3?
    Very disappointed with the range between the Avata and the Googles 2, even with the Hack.
    Thank you

  15. @ Gg: It depends on what range you expect – don’t rely on the promises of the technical sheets.
    I do not give figures in flight, I am entitled to somewhat curt emails from the authorities when I do so – normal since the flights are carried out in direct view of the observer.
    But I can give figures on the ground :) The connection is still very correct with a distance of 2,7 km in direct view without obstacle, whatever the orientation of the drone but with the headset pointing in the right direction. Same observation with the Mavic 3, the Mini 3 Pro, and the O3 Air Unit (with the original antenna).


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