DJI: compatibility between radio controls and drones


La getting started with the DJI Mavic 3 was accompanied by recurring questions about the compatibility between the RC-N1 remote controls (the one delivered with the Mavic Air 2, the Air 2S, the Mini 2 and the Mavic 3 Standard), the Smart Controller remote control and the new RC remote control Pro (the one delivered with the Mavic 3 Cine), with the brand's various recent drones. Rather than answers to your emails and rather than long explanations, here is a summary table of the compatibilities…

Updated September 25, 2023.

And if it's the compatibility between helmets and drones that interests you, That happens here !


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  1. Hello Fred,
    A question (like what you can't escape): what about FPV?
    And the joystick that also allows you to control the FPV?

  2. @ Gérard MENTOR: Yes, I could have added the DJI FPV and its controller, but they both play solo on their side so I preferred not to add them.

  3. Hahahahhaha, on top guys, smart controller Occu2 compatible with air2s Occu3, but RC PRO Occu3 not compatible with air2s Occu3… it manages the ferns on the shelf…

  4. @ Sébastien: It is also compatible with the FPV Air Unit boxes from DJI and Vista from Caddx… But not with the Mavic range.

  5. An RC-N1 purchased with a Mini 2 will be able to work with an Air 2S?
    If so, I find it a shame not to sell the Air 2S without a radio control, if not, that is understandable.

  6. @ TicaMoi: Yes, it works! And yes, it's a shame. It seems common sense not to offer a radio for those who are already equipped.
    To my knowledge, devices sold without radio control are only sold on call to after-sales service after a loss.

  7. @Fred: thanks for the answer. In fact I suspected it but having asked the question where I bought my Mini 2, they had answered me that not possible (surprised by the fact of this shop, but not serious), the doubt persisted.
    Indeed really a shame, for many reasons the first being the cost but on the side of the manufacturer the logic of always more to sell becomes ridiculous.

  8. Hi everybody,
    Can the DJI RC PRO like the smartcontroller display the video stream from an air unit or a caadx vista?
    Merci à vous

  9. Excellent this job on the remote control bravo, too bad the smart controller is not compatible with the mavic 3. However it is with the air 2s, can we hope for future compatibility?

  10. @ Elie: You never know, DJI is on a trend to open the compatibility of its products. But I'd still say it's highly unlikely...

  11. hello, following the publication of this table I bought the radio control 2
    since it is compatible with caddx vista
    suddenly in firmware
    vista I have the – 1.00.0608
    in google V2 - 1.00.0607
    in radio I put the 2.00.0500
    I bind the mask and the vista without worry
    and when I launch the remote control in bind mode for 5min
    she does not bind
    do you have a tutorial or a table of compatible firmwares
    thank you in advance

  12. Hello everyone, I have a DJI 3 mini rc remote control drone with integrated screen and I would like to know if it is possible to put an antenna on it to be able to gain more distance or any other solution that would allow My drone to go further Can you give me a Max De solution please because it goes less than 200 m, and suddenly my remote control no longer picks up my Drone. I would really like to have a solution to be able to fly it much further if possible. I hope to have an answer from you because I didn't find anything on the Internet apart from a system to hack but I don't know anything about it. Thank you all.

  13. @ Pierre: Of course, with pleasure.
    You just have to know that the table is modified with each release of a new product or major update...


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