Parrot: Anafi USA MIL and Anafi USA GOV


The manufacturer Parrot was selected for the drone equipment program at the request of the Department of Defense (COMING) the United States. You already knew that, I was talking here of the Blue sUAS initiative of the Defense Innovation Unit (IUD). The announcement had indeed been published by the DOD in mid-August 2020. Parrot for its part published a press release on August 31, 2020 which confirms the information, and adds the names of the devices which will be available for purchase in consistent with the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. These will therefore be the Anafi USA MIL and the Anafi USA GOV.

Characteristics ?

Both devices are cousins ​​of the original Anafi, with enhanced features. Moreover, the video that accompanies the news is clear: " Not a gadget for techies (not a gimmick for geeks) – Parrot likes punchy baselines. The Anafi for the North American government share a stabilized 32x zoom, a FLIR thermal camera, a camera in the visible spectrum in 4K, encrypted radio links. The version of the Anafi marketed for professionals, a variation of these models for the US government, is the Anafi USA (see here). For the record, Parrot has left the leisure drone market (see here). Not for techies... but bando FPV practitioners in Ile de France will recognize the "military" spot where the promotional video was shot.

A promotional video

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  1. Very nice machine (seems downright and necessarily beefier than the general public model…) and fastoche the place 😉
    Congratulations Parrot for this market!

  2. But no, it's the trailer for the next fiction film presented at the start of the school year on our big screens..

    Why tap on the Techies.. it is thanks to them that Partout has progressed in the field of micro-drones?? , and why couldn't we afford one, unless the market is reserved for the army??

  3. Good 2 hours of autonomy for 600 or 700 gr of battery in several times, that's what I understood, now remains to be seen the retex of operational. Tests were done with GPCs last year, with Mavic, or the results were mixed. Why not, a test! Now there is also the nx70 which exists, so here it is, it is competitive, certainly the video is punchy, it especially values ​​that they have the industrial experience to make mass and that they have a little experience in industrial level, it is the hammer argument on their competitor.


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