FLIR View TZ20


Announced at DJI Airworks 2020 Virtual Trade Show (see here), the FLIR Vue TZ20 camera relies on two Boson sensors, one for a 95° angle, the other for a 19° angle. This thermal camera offers a definition of 640 x 512 pixels and a zoom of up to 20x (5x optical, 4x digital). It is mounted on a mechanically stabilized 3-axis gimbal, intended to be fixed under a DJI Matrice 200 V2 or Matrice 300 RTK. After the Zenmuse XT2, it is therefore a new camera developed jointly by FLIR and DJI.


Its weight is 640 grams for dimensions of 12,8 x 15,4 x 14,1 cm with its nacelle, and it is able to be used in difficult conditions (IP44, i.e. protection against grains of more than 1 mm and splashes of water), at temperatures between -20° and 45°. It can be controlled from the DJI Pilot software, with the help of the DJI Payload Software Development Kit (PSDK) and DJI Skyport 2.0. With its video recording and shooting functions in the invisible spectrum (thermal) and its zoom, it is intended for missions that require keeping a good distance from the subject being filmed. Pricing for the Vue TZ20 has not been disclosed by FLIR. There official page of this camera can be found here.

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  1. And bin, they wake up a little late FLIR, I hope it will be cheap this non-radiometric camera otherwise it might make a FLOP! Few applications and not compatible with Matrix V1.


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