Türkiye: delivery of 500 suicide drones


According to an article published by the Turkish Anadolu agency, the (Turkish) company STM is about to deliver a fleet of 500 suicide drones to the (Turkish) army. These are models position, light to allow transport, assisted so that only one person can pilot it, and intended for use " in asymmetric war zones or for anti-terrorism ". The device is equipped with tools to orient itself towards a target with an autonomous navigation system. It is able to zoom with a factor of 10x, carry loads and even be armed for ranged fire.


STM ensures that it can be operated in swarms of drones, up to 20 simultaneously, to be certain of reaching a target. The drone will benefit from progress in the management of drone swarms, in particular with the KERKES project. It offers technology for navigation tools based on the study of in-flight and real-time images to offer autonomous flights in the absence of GPS coverage or in the event of jamming. Targu drones had already been on trial in Turkey for a year. Deliveries will be spread over a period of 18 months. STM says its devices have attracted interest from other countries, and the company claims to be in " high-level talks held with Turkey's friendly and allied countries ". The tools for neutralizing drones will have to be quickly operational, taking into account the possibility of an attack carried out from the front by several devices.

source: Anadolu

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  1. Especially since with only one police drone, the police pilot already manages to hit the police helicopter. There, the risks will be even more numerous…

    Previously, the general public and the media already judged that drones were the absolute evil in the head of the customer, it will now become even worse when it is now a question of Turkish heads ;-).

  2. Sad diversion of beautiful technologies for shit…
    What's funny is that between their kamikaze and swarm version the design is not the same! The GPS antenna (which is easily recognizable) is placed higher… their source of good GPS supply will dry up! Just saying !

  3. @khancyr, it's not the GPS on the front part, in fact on both versions you have one with “inert charge” and the other with the explosive, the shape is typical of anti personnel mines at 180° is to do maximum damage.


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