Tarango FPV controller DIY


The quest for the ultimate remote control is an adventure that is based on so many criteria that everyone is pursuing their own Holy Grail. But some models are more convincing than others. The Tarango is an operational project that tries to mix the best of several radio controls. It's a DIY project: you won't find it in stores, it's up to you to assemble it...

His name is a clue

It borrows the main electronics and the settings screen from FrSky's Taranis QX 7. It adopts a format closer to Team BlackSheep's Tango, with a central video return screen. It is also based on a receiver intended to integrate FatShark type glasses, with its small front OLED screen. It is able to accommodate external modules to control devices using different radio protocols, including of course the TBS Crossfire. Inside, there is also a DVR to record flight sessions.

How to achieve it?

You have to sacrifice a Taranis, find a color screen, a video receiver module, a mini DVR, something to solder, and the .stl files of the remote control to print made by Ramsey Connely (aka Dropoff510), which you can download on Thingiverse. Take the time to watch the video below to fully understand what needs to be integrated into the case.

The shopping list

It is indicated in the Thingiverse description, with links to shopping sites if you lack components and don't feel like looking. As you are master on board, you can customize the case as you wish for a sober, flashy, cyberpunk, military look... A nice project, while waiting for TBS to offer its Tango V2, or for a Chinese manufacturer to take over the idea of ​​the Tarango…

The .stl files to print and some instructions are available on Thingiverse, here.

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  1. It is simply excellent!!
    A hyper coherent and all in one set, with widely tested products in short, it's exactly what I need!
    But I won't have the time or the workspace to do it...
    Quick, quick, quick a production, it's ripe 😉

  2. very nice achievement, it's more than complete with all these screens, switch and connections
    I'm just a little scared of the batteries that are not physically separated from the rest of
    electronics, a short circuit and all burnt!

  3. For the batteries, just solder wires with connectors and pack everything so that there is no short circuit.

  4. Nice project for all electronics enthusiasts?
    Is this the proof that our manufacturers do not listen enough to our needs? and that for that we need geo finds of the 21st century to realize our fantasies?

  5. For me, XKS on YouTube had already done it a long time ago, it's even a copy of what he did. And he's French too...

  6. @ Coco: In the timeline, Yann published his videos on the creation of his TaranYKS in July 2019, I had some spoken here, and I loved the concept! But the Tarango project is therefore earlier…


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