Silent propellers for DJI Mavic Air (featuring Parrot Anafi)


DJI's Mavic Air is quite loud, with a shrill sound. Parrot's Anafi is much quieter with its propellers that look very different from any on the market.

The solution ?

Just fit Anafi propellers on the Mavic Air! It "enough" is a bit optimistic, handling is not easy. But this video by Masashi Imamura shows how to do it. The video also shows the difference in noise, obvious from a distance, and a measure of autonomy (which seems to be a little less than that observed with the original propellers, see here). Are you going to try this improbable DIY?

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  1. The proof is that if DJI and its colleagues wanted to rack their brains a little, they would all be able to reduce the noise of their machines... Maybe the new laws will force them to do so?

  2. On the mavic2, I did some tests, at 75m you can't hear it anymore.
    Conversely on the parrot disco, we still say the noise at more than 1.2km!

  3. Mick
    What propeller are you talking about?
    That of the Mavic? Because the Mavic pro with platinum propellers actually from 70m you can hardly hear it anymore.

  4. I just did the test, with the anafi propellers (very easy to assemble for a little handyman), and no difference, at 1m, both have a noise of 80dBa, at a frequency of 8 to 10khz.
    So it's not serious
    Disregard this tutorial, unless you want to replace the propellers, but it is useless.
    I have not yet tested the autonomy, I will do it a little later.
    Maybe one day DJI will release silent propellers, I look forward to it.


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