DIY: 2S pepperFIISH pocket rocket


« At the moment there is no 2S nano racer in RTF that I can recommend ". It's not me saying it, it's fishpepper. If you don't know him, he is behind several DIY projects on his site, especially very small components. Chinese manufacturers… and the rest of the planet have been inspired by its developments to create nano racers. He does not recommend an RTF brushless 2S device at the moment, but he gives an alternative! Obviously, you have to manage yourself for the purchase of parts and assembly...

The shopping list!

fishpepper simplifies the task quite well, with a ready-made shopping list, based on a tinyFISH flight controller (or a clone), 2S ESCs from FuriousFPV (which are based on his work), and a frame made by the Armattan service. The assembly manual is available on the fishpepper site, in English – but everything is easy to understand, and Google Translation can come to the rescue if you lack the vocabulary. Want to get started ? Direction fishpepper website, here !

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  1. So what to say in 1S ….. 🙁 …. I just tested the Boldclash B-05… A tad better than the dustX58… but we are still very far from the thrusts of 2″ in 3S….

  2. There is also the Guppy from gnarlyfpv which looks impressive in flight for a 60mm….. I'm trying to find the fly egg 100 too, it has very good feedback on youtube!

    it's really hard to choose brushless nanos!

  3. The build proposed here competes with a lizard but with 2s. 250gr to 300gr of thrust for 45gr where the lizard weighs more than double and has no more than 600gr of thrust. The lighter it is, the less violent the shocks.

  4. For information, a 300mah battery lasts 4 min 30. And a 350mah almost 5 minutes. If you want something more punchy, just use the 96mm frame and 65mm propellers and there, it pushes more than a lizard, there's no way.


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